How to Hire a Mobile App Developer?

how to hire app developer

We are considered as one of the top app development companies in the United States. Hence, our advice would be to hire our company for your app development needs. However, we also know that choosing an app development company can be tough, especially if you have never done anything similar before. For that reason, we wanted to publish something that will help you make a decision. 

When you find app developers, ask them nine questions we answered below. This information is crucial to choose the right company. Make sure to ask every potential app development company these questions. If you are satisfied with the answers, you might have found the ideal company.

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1. Where can I find examples of mobile apps you’ve developed?

The best proof of an app development company’s skills is its portfolio. Before you hire an app development company pay close attention to both the design and the development difficulty of the app. Design paired with an exceptional user experience is what will make users fall in love with your app. Our portfolio of awesome apps is here.

2. May I see any references from your previous clients?

It is important to know that previous clients were satisfied with the company. Ask the company for at least 2-3 reviews from previous clients. We have recently started collecting reviews from our clients here. Reviews on this website are verified by phone. This means that any person who left a review received a phone call from confirming the authenticity of the review.

3. How will the communication go during the development process?

Communication is the key to a successful project. In Messapps, once we start the project, we connect you to our project management system. There you can talk to everyone on the team: project managers, designers, and developers. During the wireframes and design stages, you will receive updates with new screens almost daily. You can respond to our team in real-time and get the changes you want to be done as fast as possible. During the development stage, in addition to staying in contact with all team members, we will also connect your phone to our testing server. Through our server, you will be receiving new versions of the app that you’ll be able to test on your phone. In addition to communicating through our system, we are always open to calls and meetings in our office. To choose the right mobile app developer, make sure that they have a flawless communication process.

4. Will I own the code of the app?

Yes, you absolutely must. We are against the practices of some developers that make you pay extra for owning the source code. That simply does not make sense. It is your idea, your app, and your code.

5. How can my app make money?

This is perhaps the most important question you should ask yourself when starting an app, and an app development company should know the answer. Creating an app means starting a business. If you don’t know how you’re going to make a profit, then it’s a hobby. There are three main ways you can make money with your app. 

First, charge a fee for downloading the app. 

  • Advantage: you get the money the moment a user downloads the app. 
  • Disadvantage: people are less willing to pay for an app before using it. 

Second is the freemium model: the app is free to download, but you charge the user to unlock certain content or features. 

  • Advantage: you maximize the number of people who can download the app. 
  • Disadvantage: likely, only a small percentage of all users will end up paying for the app. 

The third way is to show ads in the app. 

  • Advantage: you still get the maximum number of users, and all content is unlocked for them. 
  • Disadvantage: it takes away from the app experience; users may be  annoyed by ads. If it is set up incorrectly, they even might leave bad reviews.

To know more about it, check our articles on app monetization strategies and mobile app networks and platforms.

6. How will you test my app?

Testing is an essential component of the app development process. Once we start the development, we constantly test your application. In fact, at the end of the development stage, we dedicate another week to testing alone. Throughout the development phase, you could download the app and take a look at the newest version yourself.

7. Will you submit my app to the app stores?

An app development company must help you to submit your app to app stores. Moreover, they have to make sure that it gets approved. Without submission, your app does not exist for anyone but you. It is invisible. We will, of course, submit the app for you. Whether it's Google Play or the Apple App Store, we'll submit your app and walk you through the approval process.

8. Do I need to pay the full amount upfront?

No way, Jose! In Messapps, the payment is divided into four milestones. For example, when we start the wireframes, you pay just for the wireframes. Only after you approve the wireframes, you pay for the design. Once the final design is done and approved, we start actual development. At this point, we ask you to pay for only 75% of the development price. The last 25% will be paid only after you approve the final app. With this payment schedule, you won’t have to spend the full amount upfront, and you will only release the final payment when you are happy with the final result.

9. Can I meet with you in your office to discuss the app?

Often the best way to explain your idea is to describe it in person. If you are in New York, you are more than welcome to come to our office at 1460 Broadway. Coffee is included. If you live outside of New York – that’s no problem too. In fact, about 90% of our clients are from other states. 

Of course, the pandemic has left its mark on our lives. Digitalization of business processes allows us to build full-fledged communication being on opposite ends of the country.

We are happy to chat over email, talk over the phone, or via Skype. Once the project starts, we will connect you to our project management software, where you could talk with any team member on the project.

If you have any other questions you want to ask us, please, do not hesitate to contact us directly at We’ll be happy to help!