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Messapps is one of the leading Android app development companies in the US. The reason for this is the development of innovative, fresh applications, and complete satisfaction of our clients.

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Android App Development Process

User flow creation


Project architecture development


User experience (UX) wireframing


iOS 12 - iOS 10.3


iOS 12 - iOS 10.3


iOS 12 - iOS 10.3


Even the most innovative application ideas require careful planning and strategy implementation. Our flawless Android app development process includes all the necessary steps to create your ideal product.

Custom Android App
Development Services

Android App Example – Zabit

Development Audit

We go through your Android app and look for things that we can improve to help your business.

Native Android App Development

Native apps are great for creating a phenomenal user experience.

Android App Manual & Automated Testing

Testing is a necessary thing when it comes to developing an app.

Android UI/UX App Design

Every project is unique, that’s why we do researches to make perfect user interface design and the best user experience.

Android Apps We Have Developed

UI design is as important as high-performance development. The proper design increases conversion and client loyalty. UI/UX designers at Messapps create perfectly balanced, beautiful, and convenient user interfaces for Android applications.

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Industries we serve

We create incredible apps for both small startups and
giant corporations. So if you have a great idea and you’re
passionate about it, we’ll be build it, turning that your
dream into a reality.

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Android App Development Company

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According to statistics, over 70% of all mobile users in the world are android users. Android app development could help you obtain a broader reach versus apps on other platforms.

Our development consists of working with Java and Kotlin languages, using Android Studio and Android SDK, as well as loads of others capabilities. Like on the iOS platform, we create android applications for various industries such as healthcare, fitness, education, navigation just to name a few.

We build the things that dreams are made of.

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F.A.Q. about Android Mobile App Development

Android Mobile App

Which third-party integrations do you use?

The most common 3rd-party integrations in Android app development are Google/Facebook Sign in, maps, Firebase Crashlytics, and other third-party websites or applications.

Could you tell me about your team?

The team that will be working on your app consists of pure professionals. You will get a Project Manager, UI/UX Designer, Android App Developer, Backend Developer, and QA Engineer.

Will you sign an NDA?

It’s up to you. If you want to, we don't mind at all signing it. We fully understand that you may be worried about your unique android app idea.

Will you help me upload my app to the play market?

Sure thing! This is a crucial part of the Launch Step of our app development process. Our project managers will upload your app as soon as it would be ready.

Do you have the maintenance?

Of course, once the app is uploaded to Play Market we provide 30-days free maintenance. We do that to make sure that the app has no bugs, and if we spot something anyway we will fix it.

Will I own the code of the app?

Absolutely! You don't have to pay extra to own the source code of your app. It doesn't make any sense because you already paid us to develop it. It's your idea, your app, hence, it's your code.

Tools & Technologies We Use to Develop Android Apps

We make sure to use the most advanced tools
in order to achieve the best results.










Developer & designer tools

Android Studio

Android Studio

Android SDK

Android SDK






Core Data

Core Data






What Our Clients Say

"The team acted in accordance with the highest professional standards."

"They really care about the actual project and not just the technical objectives."

"Their responsiveness is hands down the most impressive thing about them."

"They had a functional shell application up and running within weeks!"

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Dream a Reality
At Messapps, we don’t just develop apps.
We build dreams. Let’s build yours!

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