How To Increase User Engagement For Your Mobile App

User Engagement

If your mobile application has a high download rate, it doesn’t mean that it will bring you money. Nowadays, brands spend vast sums on acquiring users, yet getting a user is only one part of tough work. Once users got interested in your products, you have to know how to engage and retain them. Yes, your app could be free, have a friendly interface, and positive reviews. However, it doesn’t mean that everyone who downloaded your app would become your user.

Top 7 Effective Methods to Engage Users to Your Mobile App


As I have already mentioned above, achieving mobile app engagement is a difficult task. In this part of the article, I am going to review five working methods that will help you to keep users engaged in your app regularly.

Create a quality app

Build a quality mobile application with proper functionality and interface. Test your product before launching it. If you want your product to work well and bring you profit, you have to work hard on it. Proper functionality is one of the primary keys to keeping your users interested in using the app. Poor features always annoy new customers. Therefore, they quickly leave, hoping to find a better solution. Invest money, time, and effort into creating a great design. Include easy-to-read lines, convincing headlines, and different calls-to-action.

Let Your Users “Try Before Buy”

A lot of people get pushed away by strict limitations you may want to include. Haven’t you been bored by “you can use these features after signing up” or “get premium or gold subscription to view those features” phrases? A significant percentage of people get rid of such an app after downloading it on their mobile devices. Why? People want to know what they get and even if you are not going to give them everything for free, try to offer them a trial. By showing the real value of your app, you will engage so many more people. Give new users a taste of your app to make them interested. This is how your app should work — you have to let your users try what you offer first.

Provide Instant Customer Support Within Your App

Offering a competent customer support service can also be a great way to make your new app users feel more comfortable. Live chat assistance within your mobile app can solve a lot of problems for your customers. If they can’t find the necessary features, they can ask professionals for help instead of leaving the app in frustration. Have you noticed how useful live chats are at online stores? It’s incredibly convenient when you can ask a particular person about a product or service that you can’t find or don’t have time to look for.

Make It Work Fast

Speed is what defines an excellent app, too. If you want a big audience to be engaged in your mobile app, then your software should work correctly. Every option and feature should work fast to bring the users the desired result. Why do people choose to use mobile apps? They suppose to solve their problems fast. Pizza delivery app is there to bring you food in just 30 minutes; a dating app helps you find a romantic partner within a certain distance in minutes, as well.

Use Push Notifications

Even though enabling push notifications is not something new, a lot of app developers do not consider this feature relevant. If you aim to increase user engagement, then you should keep your users updated about any new message or event. This communication will help you to interact with your users properly; it will also make a lot of users more active and interested. The statistics show that about 65% of users return to the app within a month in case push notifications are turned on.

Reward Your Customers

Discounts and special offers are very effective methods for engaging new customers, which is why you may consider offering discounts or rewards for using your app. Depending on what services or products you use, you can offer both refunds and rewards. For example, taxi services like Uber provide their customers with referral discounts. Think of the best way to keep your users happy and provide them with better deals than your competitors on the market.

Update Your App

If your users have to deal with constant crashes and bugs within your mobile app, they will begin searching for more accessible and convenient options. Trust me, the choice of new, more comfortable, and user-friendly apps is enormous. By updating your software regularly, you will demonstrate that you invest effort and care to make your UX better. Try to make at least one update per month to provide your users with new solutions. Your app should work properly on all devices. Explore and add new segments to keep your users interested in spending time and money within your mobile app.


All the strategies mentioned above will help the engagement rate be higher. Consequently, this will help your app to keep its users. Therefore, your users will be more likely to spend money and time within your app.

So yes, if you decided to create an app, you should remember that one-time investment is not enough since things change and evolve, and you have to keep up with trends. Otherwise, your competitors (and believe me, their number is enormous) won’t leave you any chance. Learn about your customers’ needs and wants to provide them with the product or service that they will love. Try all seven methods but not at once. Test each and wait for positive results. If your users come back, it means that you are on the right path!

This a guest post by Sandra Larson, who is the former academic editor at Essayontime and an assistant of application developer in one of the big IT companies. She regularly speaks about application design, development, and the future of technology. She studies and practices different methods that help to increase apps popularity. She shares effective methods for making mobile apps meet customers’ requirements.