Top App Development Companies

top app development companies

This rating is made by an app design and app development company Messapps. Along with other agencies on the list, we have been ranked as one of the top app development companies. But as weird as it is we actually like competition. The companies below were some of the best players in the industry and they motivated us to become better and become one of the best in the industry. So without further ado here’s a list of our toughest competitors!

1. Messapps

Hopefully, you read the disclosure above! But the truth is that all of the competitors above still drive us forward and there is no greater competitor than yourself. With every project we work on we want to outdo ourselves. Whether it’s working with NYU and teaching students or working on a machine learning platform we strive to create amazing things. We know that for many of our clients their projects are their sacred dreams. We know how special and important it is because we launched several of our own apps. Therefore, with our approach, we focus not on simply creating a good product but building a successful product that will make their founders happy. That’s why at Messapps we don’t just develop apps. We build dreams.

2. Fueled

Fueled was one of the first app development companies in the world. They opened the shop at around 2008 soon after the first app store was launched. With their cozy office in Soho they grew from a small team to more than 100 employees and offices in different cities. Better yet, they now even have their own small coworking space. As one of the first companies in the industry, we have looked up to them for a long time and are happy to call them our competitors today.

3. Willow Tree

A great company featuring an impressive portfolio of clients. Though like some of the other companies their prices are to the north of average they have a great engineering team that will ensure that your app works well. Also, they have a pretty cool blog that includes really interesting articles about app development.

4. Small Planet

What I absolutely love about Small Planet is their style. They have really nice design and the website looks awesome. In my humble opinion some of the other companies can learn a lot from their web design team. They also do cool things such as teaching iPhone to play a pinball machine. On its own…

5. Fuzz

Another “old dog” in the industry. Together with Fueled they have ruled the space for a while. Featuring clients like “Shake Shack” (which is obviously hands down the best burger in New York) they have an impressive portfolio and skills.

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